Unheard Futures of the Past (2012)

Unheard Futures of the Past (2012)
for Orchestra (2222/4231/timp+1/arpa/archi)

This 7-minute piece for orchestra develops materials from Michael’s earlier graphic novel collaboration, Futures of the Past using techniques of ostinati and efficiency of musical materials.

Unheard Futures of the Past was selected to be read at the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra’s 2012 Jean Coulthard Readings:
Wednesday, March 28, 2012 
10am - 1pm
Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver

Click here for a PDF of the Score.
Parts are available upon request.

Program Notes:
Futures of the Past was the extravaganza that never happened. 
At the book launch, the video was screened for a room filled to the brim with comic book fans. We had challenged the conventions of graphic novels, and created something truly beautiful in our look at Chinese and Canadian rail transportation. And even though it had been published as words and images in a book, this video was my chance to let the music’s role shine through!
But those graphic-novel fans were all chattering away, distracted by a misguided emcee. And the audio was played through a pair of underpowered laptop speakers. 
The irony of this essentially silent presentation was not lost on this composer, and I vowed that one day, this music would reach attentive ears. 
Those ears are yours, and this piece is a re-appropriation of my own musical ideas. These are the Unheard Futures of the Past.