Don't forget to check out Michael's Compositions page, which provides detailed descriptions (and recordings where available) of the music he's written.


If you're new to Michael's music, start with his Ted Talk Experiencing Disease Through Music. Heralded as moving, haunting, and an amazing translation of the disease, this 16-minute video shows Michael talking about and then performing his piece Alzheimer's Variations. That, and many more videos of his work can be found here on Michael's YouTube Channel.



Corey Hamm and Nicole Li have been commissioning new pieces from Canadian and Chinese composers as part of their Piano and Erhu Project. In 2012, I was the first composer to write for this dynamic duo, and now that piece, Moonless Night was recently released on Redshift Records

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Physical CDs: Canadian Music Centre

A few of Michael's scores are available for rent or purchase from the Canadian Music Centre. Visit his composer profile for more information.