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Art Song Lib @ Campfires: The Queer Baroque

Musikon Concerts presents
Campfires: The Queer Baroque of Foulem, Mathieu and Milette
performance of Art Song Lib

The Musikon Concert Society presents its second event of the season: Camp Fires, the Queer Baroque of Foulem, Mathieu, and Milette. Celebrating the exhibition by ceramic artists Leopold L. Foulem, Paul Mathieu, and Richard Milette, Musikon will present the following works: Baroque Diversion (by Marjan Mozetich), Art Song Lib (by Michael Park), Traditional Music (by Michael Parker) and selections from the Cabaret Songs by Rodney Sharman.  

Tickets $20 and $10.

7:30pm November 16, 2014
St Mary's University Art Gallery
Halifax, NS

Neo Nativism versus New Music

Western Front presents
Neo Nativism versus New Music
collaboration with Warren Arcand

In 1989, a group of young Aboriginal artists took the floor at the Western Front for an influential multi-media performance entitledNeo Nativism, an expression of traditional Aboriginal culture through new technology. Fall 2014 marks its 25th anniversary and to celebrate Russell Wallace, one of Neo Nativism’s founding members, curates a night of New Music revisiting it’s original aim to connect tradition with modernity. The evening features contemporary Aboriginal music co-composed by Russell Wallace and Remy Siu; Pat Ernst and Lan Tung; Michael Park and Warren Arcand; and arrangements of traditional Aboriginal music for a large ensemble by Tony Wilson.

Leading up to this performance, artist Russell Wallace will explore playback transformation of ancient found reel-to-reel audio tape which he will cut and weave into a neo Coast Salish cape. You can follow it online at “Echoic Chamber.

8pm November 15, 2014
Western Front (map)
303 East 8th Ave
Vancouver, BC

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Film Collaboration at Brief Encounters

Intersections 2014 presents
Brief Encounters Revue
Premiere of film collaboration with Allison Beda

Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society and Brief Encounters team up again this year to pair 2 creative minds from different artistic backgrounds to collaboratively produce a new moving image work.

The Fall 2014 INTERSECTIONS films will premiere at Brief Encounters Revue & online:

Artist Pairs:
Michael Park (Composer) + Allison Beda (Film Director)
Natalie Tin Yin Gan (Dance Artist) + Lindsay George (Cinematographer)

7pm October 16 & 17, 2014
Guilt & Company
1 Alexander St, Downstairs
Vancouver, BC

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