Remembrance Day Poppy

Over the last few years, I’ve seen many free patterns for poppies. From what I gather, there were lots of public art projects that encouraged people to make big floppy poppies as part of an installation. I made some of these last year, but they were quite big and cumbersome. My goal was to make poppies that are the same size as the plastic pin-on ones you get in Canada, without stabbing you every time you put on/take off your coat. Let’s face it - trying not to lose or get dismembered by poppies is what everyone is doing for the first 2 weeks of November.

Turns out all I needed to do was knit them on circular needles with the finest red yarn I had available.


Materials: sock yarn (red and black), 2.75 mm circular needle(s)

Techniques: knit and purl. 2*2 ribbing, knit in the round. I use 2 circular needles, or magic loop.

Basically, you knit a bunch of rounds of ribbing in red, then decrease with the black. I never count, so I just knit in the ribbing until it looks like a good length.


CO 60 in red

round 1-10: [K2P2] to end of round

round 11: with black [K2tog] to end of round (30)

round 12: K to end of round

round 13: [K2tog] to end of round (15)

pull yarn through remaining stitches and pull tight

sew in ends and you have a poppy