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Dream (2007)

Dream (2007)

Short Dance Film
in collaboration with director, Andrew Milne and dancer, Tanja Woloshen
supported by National Film Board, Manitoba Film & Sound Development Corp., Film Training Manitoba, and Winnipeg Film Group 

In my final years living in Winnipeg, I connected with the Young Lungs Dance Collective for multidisciplinary improvisation. I met Andrew through those events and the music I recorded myself playing for this film were inspired by those sessions.

Stories Men Tell (2011)

Stories Men Tell


1. Veteran

2. How I Fell in Love

3. Three Little Pigs

for Speaking Pianist

An exploration into the art of storytelling.  Playing and speaking, the pianist recounts stories: of a war veteran, how a man met his wife, and a daughter’s favourite fairy tale.

The following recordings of movements 1 and 3 were performed by pianist, Christopher Morano.

Click here for a PDF of the Score.