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Dream (2007)

Dream (2007)

Short Dance Film
in collaboration with director, Andrew Milne and dancer, Tanja Woloshen
supported by National Film Board, Manitoba Film & Sound Development Corp., Film Training Manitoba, and Winnipeg Film Group 

In my final years living in Winnipeg, I connected with the Young Lungs Dance Collective for multidisciplinary improvisation. I met Andrew through those events and the music I recorded myself playing for this film were inspired by those sessions.

Red (2014)

Red (2014)
collaboration for Spoken Word Artist and Pianist
text by Warren Arcand & Michael Park
commissioned by Russell Wallace for Neo-Nativism vs. New Music

The collaboration really allowed me to explore my creative role as a composer-pianist in collaboration with a truly gifted performance artist. The text Warren sent me was an exploration of the word, and idea of, red, with a well positioned tangent version of "a man walked into a bar...".

In response, I thought about what red would be in terms of musical nomenclature. We have letter names for A-through-G, but what about the rest of the alphabet. I composed a companion text about the spelling of red and composed a framework for a 1940's pub style improvisation. 

How the texts and the music fit together was a function of the live performance, trusting the timing and intuition of both performance artists. I couldn't be happier with the resulting performance and hope that a recording will be available soon.

How I Breathed Today

October 29 


book submission for: 

How I Breathed Today

published by 

Give A Shit Project

edited by Ray Hsu and Celine Song

Click here to purchase.

When I was asked to submit something for a multidisciplinary book project, I said, 'YES!!!'

Then I thought, 'what kind of book submission can a composer create that honours his craft while acknowledging the shift from audience to reader?'

That question / task led me on a journey that became my submission. View high-quality images of all the submissions here. If you like it a lot, buy a hard (or soft) copy of the book through the link below the picture.

Futures of the Past (2011)

Futures of the Past (2011)

soundscore for online video

Welcome to a new spin on the graphic novel! 

Creators Ray Hsu, Chloe Chan, and Michael Park asked. "What would happen if the words and images of a graphic novel were created in tandem with music that explores the same theme?"

Testing the conventions of graphic novel presentation, this collaboration examines the links between frontiers in rail transportation in Canada and China.